Students presented their "knowledge question" in the banquet hall at the beginning of June

Theory of Knowledge and its new challenge – the exhibition

A  core subject in the Diploma Program of the International Baccalaureate (IB) is Theory of Knowledge (TOK). But what does this mean? In one sentence I would formulate it as follows: TOK is basically about asking where what we think we know comes from and whether it is "true" at all.
To accomplish this quite challenging task, knowledge questions are provided by the IB that 7th grade students must interpret using three things that connect to the real world (How does TOK manifest in the world around us?). To culminate this thought-provoking exploration, students get to display their knowledge question along with their chosen objects and 950-word personal commentary: Welcome to this year's TOK Exhibition!
Thanks to the help of the Event Manager of the FH Kufstein, Mag. Thomas Petzold, each student got his or her own table in the banquet hall, on which objects and comments could be displayed. To give the big room the final TOK touch, the students created their very own personal welcoming words in the art class. Thanks to my colleague Mag. Erich Exner for the nice cooperation.

Shortly before the opening of the exhibition, photos were taken and then the first school classes arrived accompanied by their teachers. For the exhibitors it was learning by doing: What do I say to the visitors? What could interest them most from my objects and how should I best explain my personal thoughts? By the time our Head of School, our IB coordinator, our Administrator as well as our Secretary entered the exhibition room, the students were already real exhibition professionals.

Dear students of 7A and 7B, you can be really proud of yourselves - your TOK teacher is!

Mag. Klaus Schmid, TOK teacher