"How does TOK manifest in the world around us?" - Students of 7AB presented their objects

Exhibiting Knowledge

A core subject in the Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate (IB) is Theory of knowledge, or TOK for short. But what does this mean? In short, TOK is about questioning our sources of knowledge, and whether this knowledge is even "true" at all.

The main aim in the 1st year of the TOK course is to answer the question, “How does TOK manifest in the world around us?”. Students of 7AB must provide their interpretations with the help of three objects together with a commentary: welcome to this year's TOK Exhibition!

In the hall, thanks to the help of the Event Manager of the FH Kufstein, Mag. Thomas Petzold, and his colleagues, each student had their own table to display their objects and commentary. It was a pleasure to see how much thought the students had put into the details of their exhibition!

Shortly before the opening of the exhibition, photos were taken and then the first school classes arrived with their teachers. For the exhibitors it was learning by doing: what do I say to the visitors? Which of my objects could interest them most? How should I best explain my personal thoughts? When the parents arrived later in the afternoon, the students were already real exhibition professionals. Thank you to all the parents and family members who came this year– you were wonderful!

Dear students of 7A and 7B, you did a great job!

Your proud TOK teacher,
Klaus Schmid