Students visited plenary meeting of EU project in Trento

Schools beyond regions and borders 2024

From the 6th of May till the 11th of May, Emily Kirchmair, Ljubica Zivkovic and me, Magdalena Stöckl, accompanied by our lovely teacher Ms. Mariavittoria Maratea, went to the plenary meeting of schools beyond regions and borders.

Schools beyond regions and borders is a programme that has the goal to develop young people’s awareness, knowledge, and their identity as European citizens. In the span of our six-day trip to Trento we got the opportunity to attend several interesting seminars about sustainability and nutrition, but we were also able to build connections with other teens from the whole of Europe!

Some very memorable experiences were the teambuilding activities like rowing in teams of twenty people, which was great fun, or being able to explore the city of Trento on a late-night walk, followed by ice cream on a city square. Even though not everything went perfect (like a very slippery hill that was in the way during a visit to an art exhibition or having to row in pouring rain) a lot of core memories were made (like partying in an old monastery while dancing to international songs), great friendships came to be, and we are very grateful to have experienced this opportunity.

Magdalena Stöckl (9A)